About Us

We are a non-denominational small-group fellowship of roughly 20 people in Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Although we once belonged to the organization formed by the late Herbert W. Armstrong, we recognize that there were serious flaws in both his theology and methods (both theological and pastoral), which we now see as having been coercive, intentionally inducing a state of unthinking submission to his authority and that of his organization. Because of this common background We have embraced a philosophy of respect for diversity of belief among ourselves as well as that of the broader Christian community.

We believe that the whole Christian life is a conversation with God which includes living and communicating with fellow human beings.  For this reason we have deliberately made our “sermon time” a conversation in which we talk about our Lord Jesus Christ and his grace for us over a cup of tea or coffee or juice.

We meet most Saturday mornings at 11:00 at the Regina Senior Citizens’ Centre, at the corner of 14th Ave. and Winnipeg St., Regina.  Use the west entrance because it is closer and more convenient to the parking lot. We meet in either the Pottery Room or the Craft Room along the left side of the main hallway. We are sometimes “bumped” by other events at the centre into the home of members, so it is best to call one of the phone numbers below or e-mail ahead of time if you plan to visit.

There are no paid clergy. Lay coordination of this group is provided by Wayne Hart, John Valade and the community as a whole.  John can be reached at (306) 347-0101 or wjvalade@sasktel.net and Wayne can be reached at (306) 545-6164.

While we try to be careful not to be heretical or biblically unsound, we are also human and therefore fallible. Our posts are always subject to correction and/or clarification by people who know Theology and the Bible better than we do. For this and other reasons, the opinions expressed on this site are best checked against the Bible and/or the words or writings of competent Theology or Biblical Studies professionals.

1 Response to About Us

  1. internet elias says:

    I am ‘spiritually’ impressed. Your group sure sounds a lot like the early church. No one above the other. Al given gifts and graces. Each used his particular gift or grace to edify the brethren. Good for all of you! I can pray no prayer other than ‘thy will be done.’ He knows our needs BEFORE we ask. I completely TRUST the Father and God of all things. Thus, asking ‘thy will be done’ is my prayer of praise. And the heart’s desire for ‘thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ is my ‘praying without ceasing.’

    Your sister in Christ,

    Carolyn / internetelias.wordpress.com

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