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Atonement: Jesus, Judge of the Living and the Dead

On September 26 some friends and members of Wascana Fellowship spent an evening celebrating an evening known to Jewish people as the conclusion of yom kippur. We began our conversation by discussing what that day meant in the lives of … Continue reading

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A Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets

The first autumn festival of the feasts God gave to ancient Israel is referred to as “a memorial of blowing of trumpets.” Beyond this, not much is described about its observance except a cessation from work like the Sabbath. Chapter … Continue reading

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Feasts of the Seventh Month

Much has been made lately about the upcoming end of the Mayan “Long Count” calendar, which is purported to signal the end of the world or of civilization as we know it – depending on who is prognosticating. There are … Continue reading

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We Gather for Biblical Festivals This Fall

Many of us enjoy gathering at times mentioned in Leviticus 23 and other places. Several of those occur in late September and early October this year. These are not required of Christians (for that matter, neither are Christmas and Easter), … Continue reading

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The Psalms of Lamentation

Warning: this post contains more detail than we were able to go into during our last session. Before going back to more specific types of hymns among the Psalms, we will check out two other major categories of Psalms. Elements … Continue reading

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