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New Atheists’ Complain: “God is a Moral Monster” and the “Weird Laws of the Bible”

Most of the information in this post comes from Paul Copan’s book Is God a Moral Monster: Making Sense of the Old Testament God.  It is an excellent resource for connecting the Old Testament with God’s justice and mercy in the … Continue reading

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The Rule of Law?

One thing that many genres of literature throughout the ages have tried to do is describe or prescribe the world as it should be – what are called utopias. Plato’s The Repulblic, T.H. White’s The Once and Future King are … Continue reading

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The Law, the Covenants, and the Lord Jesus

Disclaimer: The post below results from the amalgamation of two messages given here at Wascana Fellowship, with additional background not provided during the sessions to help clarify my explanation. The way it is presented here differs in order and style … Continue reading

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