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A Refreshing Revelation, Part 15

Chapter 14, the previous chapter in the book of Revelation, ends with a contrasting view of the fate of the two groups of followers: those of the Lamb and those of the Beast. Followers of the Beast are said to … Continue reading

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Hallelujah! A Song for the Feast of Trumpets

Click on the link below for the lead sheet music. Hallelujah Obviously written by an amateur, but it’s the thought that counts.

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Feast of Trumpets: The Royal Coronation

In ancient Israel the nation was instructed to gather on the first day of the Hebrew calendar’s seventh month to celebrate a festival that was memorialized by blowing trumpets. (This calendar was based on lunar cycles, and the first day … Continue reading

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Old Testament Festivals to Worship Jesus Christ?

Today [as of mid-Sept. 2009, when this was written] marks the beginning of the autumn festival season given to the people of Israel in the Old Testament. It kicks off today with the Day of Trumpets. Not surprisingly, its distinguishing … Continue reading

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The Law, the Covenants, and the Lord Jesus

Disclaimer: The post below results from the amalgamation of two messages given here at Wascana Fellowship, with additional background not provided during the sessions to help clarify my explanation. The way it is presented here differs in order and style … Continue reading

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“Leadership” in the Image of God

[August 29, 2009] Although Wayne Hart did not give his presentation this title, I hope it sort of captures his message, which is summarized more-or-less as follows: Dr. Myles Munroe has some very interesting notions of “leadership” that he seems … Continue reading

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