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The Spirit of Christ

As I was reading through the book of Galatians something in 4:4-7 jumped out at me and got me digging deeper. Jesus came at the appropriate time to redeem those under the law so that we might be adopted as … Continue reading

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A Refreshing Revelation – Finale

The last two chapters in the book of Revelation reveal the Good news that follows all of the Bad News of the prior few chapters. John brings together symbols from Genesis to the Prophets to describe the perfect world beyond … Continue reading

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A Refreshing Revelation, Part 20

Judgment Day Revelation 20 is about the contrasting final judgments on the two distinct groups: Jesus’ followers and the followers of the Evil Empire (the system that developed from the city-state model of Babylon). First, Satan is captured and taken … Continue reading

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The Two Covenants

Andrew Murray was an early Pentecostal writer with some very important things to say to the church at large about what it means to be living within God´s holiness and His will. He notes that the Old Testament links the … Continue reading

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Paul, Arabia and Zeal For God

This post is consists of reflections on original material by N.T. Wright as presented at Wascana Fellowship on Feb. 13, 2010. New Testament scholar and Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright seems to have solved the riddle of why Paul went to … Continue reading

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