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Jesus: Tabernacling With Humanity

The traditional view in Herbert W. Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God is that Isaiah 11:6-9 is to be fulfilled in the 1000 year reign of Christ on earth, while Isaiah 65:20 applied to a judgment period described in Rev. 20:11-15. … Continue reading

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Feast of Trumpets: The Royal Coronation

In ancient Israel the nation was instructed to gather on the first day of the Hebrew calendar’s seventh month to celebrate a festival that was memorialized by blowing trumpets. (This calendar was based on lunar cycles, and the first day … Continue reading

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The Day That Changes Everything

[Sep. 29] This evening gathering took place on the festival that Jewish people call Rosh Hashana or the Festival of Trumpets. It has come to be called the Jewish New Year, because it is the day from which the rest … Continue reading

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