Most of the songs we sing at our gathering are from The Celebration Hymnal, but not all. We are not professional musicians, but once in a while one of our members creates a new song to honor God or tell His story. The following are some unique home-grown songs we use for worship at Wascana Fellowship.

UPDATE: April 23, 2020: New Songs

I Reckon The tune is from a popular Roger Whittaker song.

Jesus is Coming, Happy Day! OK, so I grew up with these great Roger Whittaker tunes.

The King’s Advice Jesus wraps up his Sermon on the Mount with this advice for his listeners (and readers).

Philippian Gospel The Apostle Paul includes an early hymn in Philippians 2:6-11.

Psalm 117 Wanda Valade’s version of the Psalm.

Ten Commandments From Exodus 20. (Yes, those Ten Commandments.)

There Is No Condemnation From Romans 8:1-10.

UPDATE: June 26, 2019: 11 New Songs

We have a few more new songs to sing here at Wascana Fellowship since the last update. We have nothing to sell, so we we try to identify the source of any tunes we conscript into our lyrics. Most of our songs are intended for teaching as we worship, so many are paraphrases of biblical texts. Some of those include Christian answers or observations about what is in the biblical texts.

A Change of Heart A meditation on Jeremiah 17:9.

The Divine Congregation Psalm 82 describes a meeting of God’s divine council, a group of angelic beings who were given control over parts of the human population from the time God confused the languages and scattered the human population. God appears unhappy with their rule.


God Can Be Known Romans 1:15-25

God Has Spoken Hebrews 1:1-4

The Great High Priest How Jesus fulfills the role of Israel’s High Priest once for all time.

My Light and Salvation

A New Commandment John 13:31 & 34

Praise the Lord Yes All That’s In Me Worship to the ever-popular “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven.

Psalm 146

The Word Made Flesh Based on John 1

UPDATE: April 1, 2018: 22 New Songs – I have fallen far behind in posting our songs. The recordings for this group of songs are generated from the music notation software I have been using rather than being live recordings by a musician, so the chording will be rather artless.

Beautiful Savior Showering Grace

Dance of Salvation

Dear Brethren Love Each Other

Death of the Messiah

Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

Find True Wisdom

The Foot Washing

God Made It All

In My Gracious Lord

The Life and the Resurrection

Manifested Is the Spirit

Our Suffering Servant

The Promise

Second Exodus

Seventy Weeks

Sing Praise to the Lord

Song of Moses and of the Lamb

The Spirit Has Anointed

When He Comes

Word of Life

You Answered Me

You Are Lord

UPDATE: November 10, 2013: Two New Songs – In spite of the general busyness of life Wanda and John Valade have written two more songs for worship at Wascana Fellowship.

Let the Earth Sing a New Song – Wanda Valade’s tune has a waltzing lilt with lyrics based on Psalm 96.

A Song of Praise (Psalm 67) – Another waltzing tune setting by Wanda, this time for Psalm 67.


Put On the Armour of God – This song by Gail Leippi is based on Ephesians 5:10-18.

Jesus Christ Has Provided – This song’s melody originated in a well-known commercial jingle that Wanda Valade slightly reworked and John Valade lyricised.

The following four songs are based on tunes written by much better musicians than I (John Valade) am, as well as I remembered them. For the most part they were melodies I heard in the background on our cable music service, so I do not usually know the origins. All I did was write lyrics and sometimes change the timing a bit.

A Feast of Trumpets – This is the most original of the four songs, but could be characterized as “written in the style of Dwight Armstrong.” It is probably a mix of melodic lines I picked up from the old Worldwide Church of God hymnal, but with original lyrics suggested by Psalm 81.

A Stream of Living Waters Flows – The melody and flowing nature of this piece as I heard it haunted me and suggested the phrase “stream of living water flows from my God.”

O My Shepherd – The piece of Celtic music this originally comes from had a slower tempo than this reworking. The melody line inspired the first phrase.

Who Can Compare – This melody line may be the most famous one I have borrowed. The instrumental version of “On the Boat to the Isle of Skye” that I heard is such a hauntingly beautiful piece that it cried out to be turned into a hymn.

There’s a Place in My Heart Wanda Valade playing what she remembers of a Rankin Family tune with words by John Valade.

Come To Me All You Weary Music by Wanda Valade and lyrics by John Valade.

Lord Please Be My Guide Here Music by Wanda Valade and lyrics by John Valade.

Find True Wisdom Music by Wanda Valade and lyrics based on Proverbs 3 and John 1 by John Valade.

Come and See the Works of God by Wanda Valade. Based on Psalm 66.

Prayer by Gail Leippi

The Millennium A Meditation on Revelation 20 by Gail Leippi

God Our Shepherd Mervyn Steadman’s musical treatment of a poem by the late Isaac Watts (1674-1748) that is based on the ever-popular Psalm 23.

The Holy City A Meditation on Revelation 21 & 22 by Gail Leippi.

The Rock A melody by Wanda Valade that features paraphrases from Isaiah 8 & 9 and Psalm 124 about Jesus Christ as the Rock that some stumble over and others find refuge in.

Shout Praise to the Lord A song of praise based on Psalm 113 by Wanda Valade.

The Lord Is Your Keeper Psalm 121 with a melody by Wanda Valade.

My Life Abounds A song of praise and thankfulness by Wanda & John Valade.

Return Back in March of 2010 our friend Joan Ellis requested a musical treatment of Ezekiel 11:19-20 (God replacing a heart of stone with a heart of flesh) for use in her church.

O God You Are My God A short song based on Psalm 63 by Mervyn Steadman. (Sung as special music by a male duet late in December 2010.)

Praise the Lord A short song of praise with a tune by Wanda, and lyrics based on Psalm 146.

Side By Side by Mervyn Steadman.

The End of Sin is song for the themes of judgment and atonement associated with the Day of Atonement, a Biblical festival we celebrate in the autumn of each year. The music is the same as The Good Shepherd in our song list.

Love God the Lord A meditation on how simple the life of faith in Jesus Christ can be by Mervyn Steadman.

What Is Man A tune by Wanda Valade with words based on how Psalm 8 applies to Jesus Christ according to the book of Hebrews.

O Thou Shepherd of Love A supplication based on Psalm 23 and John 10:3 by Shirley Leibel.

The Good Shepherd (Eb) A song based on John 10:1-30. Now available in the key of C: The Good Shepherd (C)

A House For God’s Name How Jesus Christ came to build a “temple of praise” for God to fulfil a promise made to King David.

O Lord My God You Live in Light Celebrating Jesus’ greatness and work.

Until He Comes Again (C) Mervyn Steadman’s musical answer to the question, “What shall we do until He comes?”

Suffering Servant A song for celebrating the Lord’s Supper.

A Fire From the Presence of God A song commemorating Pentecost with Old Testament imagery drawn from the dedication of the Tabernacle in the wilderness and Elijah’s prayer.

Hallelujah Anticipating Jesus’ return to earth.

O Lord Jesus Praise to Jesus for his earthly victory and Lordship over all.

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