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Covenants of Christ – Part 3

Marriage – In the creational ordering God indicates that it is not good for a man to be alone. Therefore He creates a helper who corresponds appropriately to him. This act of creating woman and rooting marriage in the creation … Continue reading

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Covenants of Christ – Part 2

The First Covenant: The Covenant of Creation Genesis 1 and 2 record interactions between the Creator God and humanity that I and others have come to see as indicating a covenant being made. God makes the world and tells the … Continue reading

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Covenants of Christ – Part 1

In his book The Christ of the Covenants Dr. O. Palmer Robertson points out that God is consistent in His dealings with humankind, particularly with regard to the making of covenants with humankind. He understands God as having one basic … Continue reading

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Two Things That May Help

The Bible is a fascinating collection of books that speak in a variety of ways about a God who provides and cares for His people. Many modern Christians and non-Christians may be surprised at how much God cares about the … Continue reading

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