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Last Supper – Messianic Song Service

Jesus’ last evening with his disciples before his death was charged with powerful meaning and emotion. As they sat together for a Passover meal (a day earlier than the rest of the Jewish people) Jesus was preparing them for his … Continue reading

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The Jesus of (Non-Christian) History

J. Warner Wallace came to Jesus Christ after he tried to use the methods he uses to solve cold cases to determine the authenticity of the Gospel stories. When he noticed how closely the gospel writers’ accounts matched the profiles … Continue reading

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What Was John Trying to Convey in His Gospel?

This week I passed on some highlights from the article Hermeneutics in Action: Interpreting John’s Gospel, by N.T. Wright and Michael F. Bird. The first is that John’s gospel is different from the three other gospels in that he gives … Continue reading

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Will the Real Mount Sinai Please Stand Up

You have all heard the joke. One man comes across another man at night under a street lamp. The man is obviously searching for something, so the newcomer asks if he can help. “Yes, please! I have lost my wallet.” … Continue reading

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Forgiveness: More Complicated Than We Think

As a Christian I have tended to have a very simplistic understanding of what it means to forgive. The idea has been to “forgive and forget,” meaning that we absolve the other person’s sin against us no matter how heinous … Continue reading

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